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Personal Loan Up to € 5,000

Need money urgently? In this article we will show you the main alternatives to finance your immediate liquidity needs for low amounts and raise some issues so that you make the best decision for your particular case. Keep in mind the need to make responsible credit. for further clarification

Do You Even Need Money In The Instant?

When unexpected expenses arise we may run the risk of panicking. We quickly look for alternatives and make less-thought-out decisions. At this stage you should ask yourself if you even need the money right away or you can wait a little. Perhaps this need is not as immediate as you think.

Are There Credit Alternatives?

Are There Credit Alternatives?

A second question is to ask if you have alternatives to credit. Sometimes lower amounts can be met by loans from a close family member. Or for some savings you have though.

Different Types of Low Amount Credit

Different Types of Low Amount Credit

To choose the best credit for your current situation you should realize whether the need for financing is timely or whether it will be permanent. You may only need an advance for a few days. Or it may happen that you can only return the money to installments. The distinction is key to choosing the type of credit that will help you.

Spot Credit Requirements

If you are able to return your money within a few days, you can use your credit card (and pay 100% on the date of the statement) or even the account you have ordered . Keep in mind that these alternatives can be useful and advantageous for shorter deadlines but that make some financial turmoil possible if you are not careful. It is very common to come up with financial problems that started with a simple credit card advance.

Permanent Credit Requirements

Permanent Credit Requirements

If you need liquidity of lower amounts you can use specific bank credits for this purpose. Two alternatives will be:

  • Personal Credit – Given the need for speed and security you can turn to credit financial institutions that are known for their quick response. In its analysis it should take into account both interest rates and other costs involved, namely commissions (which are typically higher in traditional banks). Do not pay valuation or pre-approval costs.
  • Credit Puzzle – Credit Puzzle is a solution that has recently appeared in the BNI Europe Bank offer and has some characteristics that can make the difference, namely the exemption of commissions (only pay interest), 100% online approval and financing up to 24 hours. We suggest you do your credit simulation and see if this credit suits your needs.

General Warnings

In this article we talk about personal credit. If you really need money you should take into account a responsible credit stance, which involves looking for information, analyzing your specific case and making decisions within your family budget. Also note that in order to have access to the credit, there can be no default or incidents with Banco de Portugal.

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