Month: March 2019

Personal Loan Up to € 5,000

Need money urgently? In this article we will show you the main alternatives to finance your immediate liquidity needs for low amounts and raise some issues so that you make the best decision for your particular case. Keep in mind the need to make responsible credit. for further clarification Do You Even Need Money […]


What I Need To Ask For A Personal Loan

  If you are new to the credit market you may be somewhat confused by the large supply of credit products. Personal credit, consolidated credit, mortgage credit and no mortgage, among many others. In this article we will discuss what you need to apply for personal credit, seeking to improve your experience with financing. […]


Urgent Loans – Beware of Fast Cash

  There has been a lot of urgent loans available on the internet, taking advantage of the needs and urgencies of Portuguese families. In this article we will alert you to the cost and risks of these loans by showing you alternatives to solving some of your financial problems. has details   Why Do […]


From how much debt consolidation, how to do it properly?

There is no particular relationship between debt consolidation and total debt As a matter of fact there is nothing in particular such as not being able to do debt consolidation if there is no debt of more than a certain amount. If you come to believe that debt expands and it is difficult to repay […]

Payday Loan Help

Cheapest Mortgage Loan

  We have followed with great interest the constant changes that the financial sector lives in Portugal. After the crazy years of consolidated credit, the crisis closed the credit boom from 2008. Adventurers who obtained credit earned it with very high interest rates, especially in housing credit where spreads reached 6% -7%   Is Housing […]